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Hello loves!

So I haven’t posted in a while, maybe two weeks (I’m not quite sure) because I’ve been working on final projects and presentations for the semester. I’m pretty much finished except for one final project I’m still working on for my radio course (Best course ever!) and I’m thoroughly enjoying this assignment. Can you believe it? I’m actually admitting to liking school work. That’s it, I’m declaring myself a changed woman.

But since second year is pretty much over I’m celebrating early by waking up at 12 in the afternoon and not having breakfast until 2. That’s the life right thuur maan.

What I’m most excited about though (apart from the immense amount of free time i now have on my hands) is the fact that no school = more time to write, read and watch tv shows! So yeah, pretty much all the things I’d much rather spend my time doing. So expect more blogs from me for the next 2 months (at least, I might be busier in July) and more updates.


xo Alee.

Currently Reading: Salvation in Death – JD Robb

Currently Obsessed with: nail hardener and mint flavoured lip gloss

Can’t hear enough of: Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Heart Attack by Demi LovatoImage

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My Writing Playlist

Music plays a major role in how focused in am when i write and how certain scenes play out. Typically I’m Listening to Enya’s Greatest Hits album when I’m writing. She just calms my soul to the point where i can block everything and everybody else out and focus on the scene I’m writing.

When I need a little more inspiration, depending on the mood of the scene and what the characters are feeling at a certain point in time I always jump back to this playlist:

1. Bizness – tUnE yArDs

2. Breath of Life – Florence + the machine

3. Undisclosed Desires – Muse (+ pretty much anything Muse sings)

4. Cameo Lover – Kimbra

5. Talkin’ bout a Revolution – Tracy Chapman

6. Mountains of Things – Tracy Chapman

7. Aniron – Enya

8. Trains and Winter Rains – Enya

9. Mercy – One Republic

10. Say When – The Fray

11. Science and Faith – The Script

12. Hall of Fame – The Script

13. Walk Away – The Script

14. The Great Escape – Pink

15. Redemption Song – Bob Marley

16. No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley

The list is ultimately over 200 songs long but these are the songs that are the most played of the list. I hope by posting this I’ve introduced/reintroduced some inspirational music to someone out there. Even if you don’t listen to it for inspiration they’re all really great songs to have on your phone/ipod/listening device. 🙂

xo Alee.