Christian Diaries – Not Anxious For Heaven

From a Living Single is on pause for a bit (I’ll explain in future blogs why) but that doesn’t mean the rest of my life has also stopped. So, I’m starting a new series called “Christian Diaries” which will include me “tackling” some mainstream Christian beliefs (some of them, my very own) while trying to shed some light on what I believe and why. Hopefully, during the process someone can begin to understand why I am so passionate about my faith and about people getting to TRULY know God for themselves.

Sings I want to make heaven my home. | When I get to the sweet by and by. | When we all get to heaven…|Beulah land I’m longing for you…

I could think of approximately 10 songs right off the top of my head that speaks to the hope we have when we get to heaven. Growing up in a Christian home and attending church most Sundays, I grew up hearing of all the wonderful promises heaven will bring when we all die and get there. It always seemed as if Christians were in a hurry to die so they could meet the Lord in the sky. I always found it slightly strange but when I became a Christian I found myself not only singing the songs but also having that longing to be done with earth and go home to “sweet rest”.

It wasn’t until very recently (within the last 5 years) that the realisation hit me: If we’re all longing and hurrying to be “caught up” who is going to do the work we were actually put on earth to do?


So, after much contemplation and meditation I have decided that I am no longer in a hurry to get to heaven.


Now, before you all start blowing up my inbox about how “unchristian” I am for not wanting to desperately go to heaven, let me explain.

I believe we should examine our reasons for wanting to get to heaven so badly that we sing about it, preach about it, pray about it, fast about it, evangelise with it, build towers to get to it and shout it from mountain tops in hopes that God hears and takes you up like Enoch.

  1. Hopelessness – As ironic as it is, usually when I start feeling as if I want to “Fly away home to glory” it’s almost always tied to depression. When everything in the world starts to feel hopeless and dreary one of my first instincts is usually to dream of the day when I don’t have to live with it anymore. If by any means this is your reason for wanting to get to heaven, you may need to seek professional help. (I’m not kidding.)
  2. Selfishness – Ooh, this one about to make me lose a few friends! Our number one commandment as Christians is to Love – Love the Lord thy God & Love your neighbour as yourself (paraphrased – [Luke 10:27]). Being a good steward requires us to follow this commandment, regardless of how we feel. If we love our neighbour as God has commanded how can we then leave our neighbour to struggle in the world as we know it? Being the “salt and Light” of the world does not only have to do with Salvation and living a pure life. Salt and light changes things. We are supposed to be world changers! How many people have you positively impacted since you’ve received salvation? Think on these things.
  3. Laziness – The only thing worse than death itself is premature death. Being cut off from life without your purpose being fulfilled is one of the most devastating things I can imagine happening to someone. For Christians to be desperately hoping to leave this world so they can sit at the feet of the Master only shows what most of the world thinks of us – we’re lazy. We don’t believe in putting in the work to see change happen. We believe in praying and starving ourselves and crying out to God for change, but for us ourselves to begin to move to create change is a foreign concept. Think about it, had the disciples stayed in Israel and prayed that the world be saved, how would we have known about Christ? They had to WORK. Yes, the prayed and yes they fasted but with that came the practical application of actually telling people of Christ. God does nothing without us in the Earth, so it is up to us to heed His directions and MOVE.

The truth is I am of no use to God through mankind in heaven. The earth is waiting for the Sons of God to arise. It’s time to start living as if you know without a doubt that the God of the universe lives within you. Stop waiting around for calamity or the second coming. It is up to US to change the world.


The views expressed in this blog are those solely of the owner of the blog and not of EVERY Christian or believer of Christ.