From a living Single: Honesty

It’s been a while since I’ve written any poetry or anything even relatively close, but I was thinking about my last blog and these words came to mind. It has no real form or scheme and I really didn’t intend for it to be a poem, so if it fails to sound like one, that’s probably why. I really had no intention of sharing this but I figured, what the hell…
These are just a bunch of thoughts I scribbled together.

I have absolutely nothing to lose from being honest with you. I feel like a lot more of our problems wouldn’t occur if we were all like children: brutally honest. If we all said how we felt – not just for being rude and offensive, but simply because being truthful would make things so much clearer – we would escape many of the miscommunication issues we have.
My question is can you handle me at my unfiltered, unadulterated truth? Can you handle me bare, raw and honest?

If I told you I’m a Christian that doesn’t understand it all, doesn’t have it all together, and sometimes questions her faith, but is searching for answers and truth within herself, could you handle it?

If I told you all my insane ideologies – like how I believe we’re all one because we all come from the same source – The One – and therefore by hurting each other we ultimately hurt ourselves, could you handle it?
If I let you get a peek inside my mind at my thoughts on religion, sex, marriage, life, racism, feminism, politics, war, peace, Hope, eternity… could you handle it?

How about if you flipped the script and were open and honest with me? One hundred percent honest.
Would you be able to do that? Just lay it all on the table, no matter what “it” was? Would you be able to accept the challenge?

I believe that in honesty is where we find love. True openness and vulnerability is in honesty. Anyone can have sex, but not everyone is able to go completely naked before someone.

Could you?

If I asked you right now to strip away my covers with your words of truth, would you? If I asked you to wash me with soft kisses from your lips that draw only truth with every breath, would it be too much to ask? Or if I asked you to unlock my deepest parts and discover the secrets that lie behind the jewels stored, using your key of sincerity, could you?
If all this seems like too much to ask, then you’re simply not enough for me.


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