Support your own! #WTSChallenge

You all remember the ALS challenge that was going around right? Fill a bucket with water and ice and have someone throw it on you to help raise awareness about the disease then tag a bunch of people to do the same and or donate? Kind of hard to forget when the entire world was doing it even though half the people didn’t know what it was about.

(Before we read on… Disclaimer: I am not undermining the importance of the ALS challenge or the seriousness of raising awareness but the point must be made. Do continue…)

I find it so interesting that all of Jamaica (students, teachers, ministers in government and other Jamaican celebrities) were all up, on and over the ALS challenge to raise awareness for a diseases that Annually, is responsible for two deaths per 100,000 people, yet our own “water tanks in schools” challenge that affects our Jamaican students, has been driving the damn struggle bus to raise $500,000 JMD (for those who don’t know this is not a lot of money).

Water tanks in school is an initiative that was started to raise money for our Jamaican primary and basic schools that are without water tanks during the drought that led to water restrictions and were forced to  close on a few occasions because there was no water. They challenged you to do 10 push-ups on camera and donate $500 JMD (thats a little over $4.00 USD) or do no push-ups and donate $1000 JMD (a little over $9.00 USD). This started over 9 weeks ago and they are yet to reach their goal.

My question is where are all the  Jamaicans that were so quick to join the ALS challenge and donate and raise awareness for a cause that is as likely to affect you or anyone you know as Clark Kent’s meteor falling out the sky and landing on your house? Why aren’t Jamaicans crawling all over this challenge (which, I may point out is far less painful than having a bucket filled with ice thrown on you) to help our OWN students? It makes me wonder if activism in Jamaica is all about the hype and not really about getting things done. Where are our ministers of education and Youth & Culture (who were so quick to upload an ALS video might I add – yes I’m throwing unapologetic shade) to encourage their colleagues into donating? It’s 5000 USD!! This shouldn’t have taken 9 damn weeks to raise! We are always so quick to support foreign but will never support our own. This ridiculousness needs to stop.

*calms down*

If you are interested in supporting this very important cause PLEASE make your deposit at NCB Ja Ltd Account # 371088881 (Swift code: JNCBJMKX) and post your video to watertanksinschools IG #WTSPushupChallenge.

Support others, but support you own first!


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