CS4 Blog 13 – That’s a Wrap!


Our production is finally complete and I can breathe easy! Well… until I get my final grade at least. Our hard work came together in full tonight and we were able to burn our films and submit them an hour before the final deadline. I feel like popping champagne and celebrating but all I have is fruit juice so that will have to do.

What I took most from this experience was the fact that producing a film, not matter how short, no matter if it is silent or not, is A LOT of work! I am a TV junkie and I always complain when my TV shows go on these mid-season breaks and the three month breaks between seasons. After going through these productions and getting a small taste of the first hand experience, I will never again complain about the long breaks these shows take. After sitting in position of actor, director and sound editor I can safely say the cast and crew of every film/TV show deserve all the breaks they get!

In the mean time I am going to enjoy my break, reflect on the semester and think about all the areas of film production I actually enjoy.


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