CS4 Blog 1 – Recap

So because our brains are like those of ninety year olds and after a month and a half of Christmas break, we have already forgotten what we learned the semester before. Well, not exactly, but our lecturer thought it would be good to do a little recap just in case. Since she did a recap, I too will also do a recap of the things I learned last semester and have not forgotten.  

  1. Care for the camcorder
  2. Shots, angles and compositions and their importance in making your film successful
  3. Lighting
  4. Audio
  5. Recce
  6. Storyboards
  7. Proposal planning
  8. Pre-production
  9. Production
  10. Post production

Clearly my year was pretty darn hectic but after reviewing this semester’s course outline I can confidently state that last year was “dolly house” compared to what I am to face this semester. Two productions, one of which (thankfully) is a silent film, day for night shooting, scouting locations and actors, editing and the joys (do you sense my sarcasm) that come along with it. All I can say is “Father help me.”


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