21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20s

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Once you have officially retired from your Crazy Girl self (or Crazy Guy, as the case may be), you start strangely desiring things that had never really crossed your mind before — or which had always seemed boring. Here, 21 things your mid-20s self wants desperately.

1. A job where you have to wear something nice. It used to be that you would avoid getting “dressed up” during the day at all costs, and would scuffle into class wearing all but a Hefty bag and some Ugg boots, but now you want to have a reason to shop at Banana Republic. You dream of a flawless statement-necklace-and-shift-dress combo.

2. Sangria. The phrase “I hear they have a good sangria here” has crossed your lips on more occasions than you’d like to admit.

3. At least a few hours of precious weekend time to browse home decorating websites, like West Elm…

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CS4 Blog 2 – Genre

Assuming you do not know what a genre is, in layman’s terms it is pretty much the category that a song, TV show film etc falls into. When I tell people I can watch or listen to anything from any genre as long as it doesn’t bore me, they think I’m lying but I am as serious as a heart attack. I enjoy musicals from the 1950’s (Pal Joey, No Business like Show Business) just as much as I enjoy a good action movie (Transformers, 300). Since we are indeed talking about film and television I’ll give some examples related. One of my favourite TV shows currently is Castle (on abc Monday nights at 9EST. – I should get paid for this) and Castle happens to fall into two categories – crime drama and comedy. One would ask, how do you mix murder and humour? But somehow the creators and writers manage to make the two not seem like oil and water.

Knowing your genre thoroughly before you begin filming not only helps with underlining things such as character development and cinematography, but also helps you to better appeal to your target audience. Castle would not have been successful if people were not able to find humour in the most serious of situations.

So before you begin writing your script, consider these things:

  • Who are you trying to appeal to with your story?
  • What genre would your story fall under
  • Is your story the appropriate genre for the crowd you are appealing to?
  • How can you make your story stand out in its genre

Genre is only one aspect of writing and filming but it is not one to be overlooked.


CS4 Blog 1 – Recap

So because our brains are like those of ninety year olds and after a month and a half of Christmas break, we have already forgotten what we learned the semester before. Well, not exactly, but our lecturer thought it would be good to do a little recap just in case. Since she did a recap, I too will also do a recap of the things I learned last semester and have not forgotten.  

  1. Care for the camcorder
  2. Shots, angles and compositions and their importance in making your film successful
  3. Lighting
  4. Audio
  5. Recce
  6. Storyboards
  7. Proposal planning
  8. Pre-production
  9. Production
  10. Post production

Clearly my year was pretty darn hectic but after reviewing this semester’s course outline I can confidently state that last year was “dolly house” compared to what I am to face this semester. Two productions, one of which (thankfully) is a silent film, day for night shooting, scouting locations and actors, editing and the joys (do you sense my sarcasm) that come along with it. All I can say is “Father help me.”