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CS3 Blog 11 – Production: Shooting cutaways

When shooting for cutaways you must first consider your script and how the structure of your script will affect your shots. Cutaways are usually medium close up shots, close up shots and extreme close up shots, as the show more detail than a wide angle or medium shot. This is where storyboarding can really come in handy. If you have your storyboard at hand, you are able to see the initial shot plans and this will not only correspond with your script, but also aid in camera direction.

Cutaways not only add interest to your work but also help to emphasise and corroborate what your narrator or interviewee is saying. It allows for dimensions in your production and helps your viewer to feel more involved with the production.

Shooting cutaways for this documentary made me realise just how heavy the camera really was. Carrying around a Sony HXR2000 on my shoulder to shoot different footage for cutaways was a lot less fun than it looked. Along with the weight of the camera, getting the camera to shoot steadily while trying to balance it on my shoulder was a laughable task, as my colleagues so proved.

Regardless of how challenging, I recommend cutaways be used in every production as it not only show your multidimensional videography skills, but also adds oomph to the end product.


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