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CS3 Blog 9 – Documentary Pre-production: The Script

Whenever I get placed into groups to do group work, I am always somehow left with the writing task, whatever it may be. It is one thing to conjure up your own supernatural world and include people with super powers, as you can throw that story into any direction you want it to go. It is another thing to have to research facts and then rewrite these facts in chronological order, make it interesting and still have it make perfect sense.

Writing about the past state of the UTECH’s students’ activity centre while keeping in mind that it was not an essay but a documentary, was a little easier than I thought it would have been. Mind you, to be honest the past state of the student’s activity centre at my school is really neither here nor there to me, but at the same time I was not completely bored with the information. Being as inquisitive as I am, it was interesting to find out what that portion of my school fee was really being used for and this project forced me to dig through that information.

I love writing – both fiction and non-fiction – so though writing for documentary was a little different it wasn’t all bad. The most challenging part was really finding the correct information and wording it in a way that would not bore the viewer/listener. And my co-writer did a tremendous job of editing the script to make it fit the documentary perfectly. If I may say so myself: it was a pretty decent first attempt at documentary writing.


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