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CS3 Blog 8 – Pre-Production: Our duties are our lives, sir.

It is coming down to the end of the semester and we are feeling the burn of final projects. Groups are being formed and group work is being handed out. Before the field work begins our group has a sit down meeting to discuss who has what task, how each task will be carried out and so forth. It is interesting the things I learned on this production. Such as the 1-2-3 steps we sometimes take for granted. 1 – Being the first official group meeting. 2 – being scouting and recce and 3 – being the production itself. Without 1 we could not have 2 or 3.

Our first official meeting was called to order right after the group was formed. Personally, I am not a huge fan of task meetings. They usually end up being very long and end in some sort of argument with at least one person not being happy with the task they were assigned. In my mind the meeting went something like this:

Captain: Aliceia

Me: Yes sir!

Captain: you will be in charge of the script and the vox pop. Can you handle it soldier?

Me: Yes sir! *salute*

Captain: Simone!

Simone: Yes sir!

Captain: You will help Aliceia with vox pop! Do you understand?

Simone: Affirmative. *salute*

Now this is not to say I see my group captain as a drill sergeant, she was actually quite nice. That was simply my mind’s way of turning a boring group meeting into something that would last in my memory. I say all this to say that in the business you will have meetings you consider “boring” or meetings you will not necessarily like that you will still have to attend. Just because you think a meeting is boring does not mean it is unimportant. Do whatever you must internally in order to get through the meetings, but make every meeting. Brainstorming can be a lot of fun, but to get to the brainstorming aspect you first need to decide among your crew (if the tasks are not already assumed) who will be responsible for which area of the production. If this meeting does not happen, production cannot move forward. First meetings are just as important as the first shoot.


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