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Grief is not a competition

I hate the fact that I have to use a time and a platform such as this to speak on this issue but i feel i must address this now.

It is with the sad passing of 3 legends during this week that it has come to my realisation that social media has become a place to compete over whose grief is stronger than whose and why we shouldn’t be grieving in the first place.

Not even a full thirty minutes after the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing and people were already tweeting and posting about how “ungrateful” and “hypocritical” some were because they did not share the same kind of outrage with Paul Walker’s tragic death. As if to compare “whose death is bigger than whose.” It is absolutely ridiculous.
Firstly, you cannot rate the impact of a person’s life or death by the feedback from social media. It is illogical. Both men lived different lives – though they shared some similarities – and were known to the world on completely different platforms. Their lives cannot and should not be compared.

Secondly, the way Mandela died and the way Walker died is going to bring different reactions simply because 1 was more sudden and tragic (not to say that 1 death means more, which is what people have been saying) than the other.

Third and finally, people on social media really need to get off of their high horses saying that people are “fake grieving” because they knew neither of these people and only care because they were celebrities (should I even respond to this?)

Grief and death is not a contest nor a competition. Stop trying to bully people into feeling the way you feel just because they don’t share your feelings. It’s disgusting, annoying and plain childish. Grow up.

Paul, you brought smiles to peoples faces all around the world with your rolls on the Fast & Furious movies. You inspired us with your career and graced us with your humility. May your legacy go on to inspire many others and your charity be kept alive to aid those in need. Rest well with the angels.

Mandela, you made a huge impact not only on South Africa or black people but people of all different nations and races around the world. A true example of a role model and standing up for what you know is right, even at the cost of imprisonment and possibly death. Your life was well lived and will be well remembered. May your soul rest in peace and your lessons never be forgotten. 



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