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CS3 Blog 7 – Proposal Planning (pitching time!)

So you have your script, your equipment, your location, completed your recce and storyboard, what else is left to do? Gear up because this part can be quite nerve racking. Now it’s time to pitch your ideas to your client and find out how they feel about your pre-production hard work.

This is where you bring out all (or most) of what you had already done and lay it out for the clients (or employers) to see. Depending on the type of shoot you will be doing (movie, TV show, documentary, event coverage) what you show your client may vary. For example, if you are covering an even you may need to show a floor plan or layout of where your cameras, lights and sound equipment will be set up. You may not necessarily need to show all of this to a network if you are pitching a TV show.

It is important to remember that though this is your art, this is also your job and everything you do must be done in a professional manner or you will not be taken seriously. Now is the time to go big or go home. So get your facts, be prepared to answer any questions your client may have and show them why they should hire you for the job.


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