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CS3 Blog 5: R-E-C-C-E — can you even pronounce this?


Believe it or not it took me nearly the entire class to be able to pronounce this word. Is it even English? Well whether or not it is English is highly unimportant. It’s relevance speaks to the preparation of a videographer, production manager, producer, and director before a shoot.

A recce (Pronounced Re-ck-eh in case you were wondering) – in layman’s terms – is pretty much a checklist which coincides with your equipment AND shooting location before a shoot. It is important to remember that your Recce should be done on the same day (not date) that you will do your shoot. Before you ask why let me give you a scenario.

So, we have a producer – let’s call him Tom,  and a director – let’s call her Jane. Tom and Jane decide to do a Recce on a Tuesday. They have their checklist (Which should include the equipment you will need, power supply, food, trailers or comfortable areas for talents, food, closest hospital and or police station, food, any written legalities or signed permission forms,food, first aid kits and did I mention FOOD? and other necessities- which includes food.) and they want to find out what the traffic is like on a Tuesday afternoon. Tom and Jane’s shoot isn’t until the following Saturday evening. Tuesday afternoon traffic is bad but not terrible, and they get to the set location within 45 minutes.

By now I hope you see where I am going with this. Tuesday afternoon traffic and Saturday afternoon traffic is not the same even if you take the same route. Simple things like this is why your recce and your shoot should be properly coordinated.

That being said are recces important? ABSOLUTELY! And I bold caps that to say NEVER and I mean (spell it with me) N-E-V-E-R do a shoot without having done a thorough recce and scout of your location and all contributing factors.

Having considered blogs 1-5 you are almost on your way to shooting day! (whoot!) Just a few more important steps to go then you can get cracking! Until my next blog, stay eager, stay creative and stay focused.


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