CS3 Blog 4 – Audio: mic check, 1-2

So you’re at your location for a shoot. You have your camera, lights, script, reflectors if need be, you even brought a generator and an extra gallon of gas. You are all set up then you realise you forgot your audio equipment. Bummer, shoot is cancelled and you’ve wasted a day of good sunlight, time and money.

Or even worse, you have your audio equipment but the acoustics in the environment are just plain horrible. Either way having quality audio to go with your quality video is very important. It’s no good if you have the best camcorder and your audio sucks, people just won’t want to watch.

So always check your sound equipment. Ensure that you have backup batteries and a set of back up for your backup batteries. And make very certain that your location is good on your sound! Unnecessary background noise is no fun to edit out and the quality of your audio will change.


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