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CS3 Blog 2 – Shots, Angles and compositions ooze emotion

So I already told you what happened at my first videography class. By week two I was learning shots, angles and compositions and feeling like a full blown camera woman. Well, not exactly, but I did learn enough to know when a video or picture is not properly composed.

The types of shots you take will influence how your viewer interprets the story you are trying to tell. Though the final interpretation is clearly up to the viewers themselves, the videographer’s composition can make storytelling a whole lot clearer and effective. The emotion you portray with a medium shot is different from that done with an extreme close up shot.

I won’t lie to you, when I was finished with that class I began watching my TV shows through a completely different type of lens (if you may). My understanding and appreciation for certain scenes became more evident and I felt as if I finally “got it.” It was as if all along I had been watching television knowing that different shots and angles create a certain mood or emotion but the difference now is I know why they were used in the first place. I know now that when the camera zooms in on a tear as it slowly falls from a woman’s eye as she gradually loses consciousness after being shot (Castle), it isn’t a mere coincidence.

I take great care now in the way I compose my videos and the emotion I will evoke with each shot.


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