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Preview of My “Book”

sooo as you guys know I’ve been writing again. I’ve been investing more time into just sitting by myself in the quiet or with the music on (Usually Enya) and giving life and substance to characters in my head. As a little “booster” for that I’m debuting a snippet of a chapter for something I’m working on here on wordpress FIRST! *yay* So take a look at what’s written down below and give me some feedback. I hope you enjoy what’s been written so far:

xo Alee.

Tajahnѐ glanced at her trainer, Susan Sector, standing on a pedestal overlooking the training field as she barked orders and insults at her.

“Push it lady! My great grandmother in her grave could whip your ass!”

Sector’s hands danced in front of her as if she was directing a symphony as she manipulated the elements to add more obstacles to the course. As top warrior and current leader of the Warrior Clan, manipulating the elements to suit herself was a piece of cake. She stood high off the ground and waved her hands around to create dust tornadoes and sent dozens of concrete saucers flying towards Tajahnѐ.

Taj cursed as she saw what Sector was doing and pushed all the harder to shoot down the saucers before they went slamming into her face. She smiled lightly as she saw the checkered flag signalling the finish line. She raced towards it, falling, rolling and sliding away from more targets as they came with full force towards her. She had almost reached the flag when out of nowhere came a piece of a tree trunk. It hit her right in the stomach and she skidded and smashed into a concrete wall she’d left behind.

She could almost see the smirk printed on Sector’s face through the stars swimming around her head.

“Always be prepared for the unexpected!” Sector shouted.

Taj growled at her, not caring if she would be punished for it afterward and walked back to where her sister and other training mates waited.