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My Writer’s Block is OVER!

My brain has come off of its writer’s strike! I feel like eating tons of unhealthy food and drinking red wine just to celebrate.

The story I’ve been trying to write for weeks now has finally kicked off to a start that I am comfortable and confident with. After weeks of being miserable and starting over like ten times (I’m not even kidding) I think i finally got it the way I want it.

At one point I even considered starting a different story altogether but the plot i had in mind was so fresh and different from anything I’d ever written and it really was a good plot so I didn’t want to abandon it just yet. And luckily i didn’t!

I may share a snippet of it in my next post (so be on the look out for it), just a tiny two paragraphs or something to give you guys an idea of what it’s about.

I’m excited!


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