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My Writer’s Block is OVER!

My brain has come off of its writer’s strike! I feel like eating tons of unhealthy food and drinking red wine just to celebrate.

The story I’ve been trying to write for weeks now has finally kicked off to a start that I am comfortable and confident with. After weeks of being miserable and starting over like ten times (I’m not even kidding) I think i finally got it the way I want it.

At one point I even considered starting a different story altogether but the plot i had in mind was so fresh and different from anything I’d ever written and it really was a good plot so I didn’t want to abandon it just yet. And luckily i didn’t!

I may share a snippet of it in my next post (so be on the look out for it), just a tiny two paragraphs or something to give you guys an idea of what it’s about.

I’m excited!

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Favourite Quotes (Explanation)

As promised I’m doing a completely different post on the picture I blogged about a few weeks ago with my favourite quotes (if you haven’t seen it click here: )

“In you, through you, for you, there’s no limit to what God can do.” — Im not sure who this quote is by but it’s on a poster at my physio therapist’s office/gym. I love it because of the message it brings. It’s simple but very reassuring. Any time i have doubts about things i dream of doing i immediately remember this quote and I’m energized to just hit the ground running.

“Trust God in everything so you can trust him for everything.” –Anon. – This one i found one morning on Our Daily Bread’s website. Again another true and inspiring quote. When you trust God IN every situation whether it be good or bad you can trust Him that at the end of it you’ll be exactly where you need to be and that it will be for your good.

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence I can reach for, perfection is God’s business.” – Michael J. Fox. — This is definitely my favourite of them all. I first saw this quote on Myspace when I was about 14. I remember reading it like five times just to let it sink in. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what society expects of us that we try so hard to be “perfect.” It’s impossible. Nobody is perfect! NOBODY. And i had to let that sit with me for a while until it became my mantra “Only God is perfect, just do your best.” I recited that for years and still do when i start to get a little hard on myself or my self esteem gets down.

“Dum Spiro Spero.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero — While i breathe i hope is the English translation. Constant reminder when life gets tough and things seem to be going all the way wrong is that as long as I’m breathing i have the will to turn it around. (thinking of tattooing this one)

“Life isn’t about finding comfort(shelter) in the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Acheron (Sherrilyn Kenyon) — They’re many variations of this quote around but i first read it in a book called Seize The Night (or was it Acheron?) I don’t quite remember which book it was to be honest. (lol) But it’s definitely a quote i hold on to.

And lastly, “Some of God’s greatest gifts are surrounded by great challenges.” Another Daily Bread post; THIS is a reflection of my life. I know exactly what this quote means because it is my testimony! This is just a reminder that even though there might be pain in the night, joy comes in the morning. Another mantra of mine. 🙂

These are my favourite quotes and what they mean to me. Share yours with me in the comments or on your blog and send the link to my page!

xo Alee.


Volkswagen Commercial Controversy – Is It Racist?

So unless you’ve been living under a humongous rock for the last few days or you’ve been buried under work like me, you’ve probably seen the commercial and heard the controversies behind it. VW released two new commercials promoting their brand just about a week ago, in preparation for the SuperBowl.

(watch commercials here: // )

The first ad features Jamaican reggae artist Jimmy Cliff singing and dancing and pretty much just saying how happy he is and that everyone else should get happy.

The second ad features a Caucasian man at his office, going around to different cubicles and cheering up his colleagues by speaking in a Jamaican accent.

The point of both ads is just to emphasize that with Volkswagen they’ll always be happy…like Jamaicans.

Somehow implying that Jamaicans are happy is suddenly a bad thing and even a racist thing. I find this a bit funny since of ALL the stereotypes you hear of Jamaicans this is one of the few ones that are pretty close to being accurate. As a Jamaican I think I hold the right to say well done VW, you are one step closer to getting it right.

What is even more hilarious is the fact that majority of Jamaicans really like the ad. They think it’s funny and quite flattering. The people making the most noise about the ad are Caucasian-Americans and media houses.

VW is now thinking of pulling the ads due to the negative international feedback the ads are getting.

Question: if the people the ad is imitating don’t find it offensive why do americans feel the need to make this such a HUGE issue? I just dont get it. The U.S. has a habit of always trying to jump to people’s rescue even when they don’t want/need to be rescued.

People imitate Jamaicans ALL THE TIME. We don’t make a big deal out of it! We have other issues to worry about (like trying to stay happy while our dollar is sliding and our rising crime rate). As a Jamaican and an ad major I can say I personally love the ad. It’s funny and has a great concept. VW- get happy. Simple, to the point and punchy. NOT offensive.