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Writer’s Block Day 2 – I Blame School.

When it comes to writing, with me specifically, anything can affect my flow. Just like with an artist, the mood of the artist influences what the artist paints about. This week my writing fell victim to school. Yes, school.

Now some of you may have already known that I am in my second year of university studying Media and Communications. This is the semester for choosing “area of specializations” or what some refer to as “majors.” Before i started the course I had decided that i would do my major in Journalism. That was short lived when i realised my major could be contemporary prose (which is my first love anyway). We have three options of specializations to choose from – Journalism, Advertising, Contemporary prose and Public Relations. So I went into this semester with the intention of specializing in Contemporary Prose, but also well aware of the fact that the communications programme is a very broad one. That being said I wasn’t really worried about where I’d end up after uni if i didn’t choose one of the ‘other’ specializations because they make sure to verse you on all the areas for the 1st three semesters.

So imagine my shock and disappointment when after selecting Contemporary prose for my specialization, reading an email saying the course was cancelled for the semester. I kid you not when i say I was sick for the entire day.

Point is now i have to select something differently entirely, which at this point I’ve decided it would be advertising. *sigh* Lord have mercy on me this semester doing something I have no heart or passion for.

I now have to find a way to put this behind me, move on and stop complaining and get back to what makes me happy. I’m working on it.


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