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Writer’s Block – Day 1.

Ever been revved up to write something but when you start you kinda go “Huh?”

Yeah, that’s been me for this last week. I have a book idea bubbling in my head (haven’t written in about 9 months mostly because of school.) for a week now. Started writing it out a few nights ago, got pretty far but then i felt like something was missing. So I tried starting over and adding a few things and BAM just like that everything falls apart. It’s just not flowing like it used to!

Whenever I used to have writer’s block I used to listen to some Enya (whoohoot!), maybe read a book (looking at plot development and all that), try to visualize my characters in a movie (I’m a very visual person) and then I’d just go!

I think I maybe need to go back to doing that and pretty soon because I’m getting frustrated.

I’ll give you an update tomorrow. In the mean time what do you recommend for writer’s block? any new stories out there you guys working on? Let me know what’s up!

xo Alee. DSC02079


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