APA References in blogs? What?

“Students, you will be required to post blogs to wordpress each week based on the lectures.” When I heard this my excitement was through the roof! Yes, I do realise this was one of my more nerdy moments, but writing in your own opinions about your classes every week and get graded for it? What could be better! Boy was I excited, and boy was that excitement cut short when she finished by saying, “remember to state your references in APA format at the end of each blog.” I swore I heard the record scratch in the background when my lecturer dropped this last bit of information about our blog assignments. I felt like I was just given a great piece of red velvet cake then had someone slap it right back out of my hand.

To be completely honest though, it wasn’t half bad. I would have liked a bit more freedom with these assignments but I did the best I could to wiggle my way out of shooting directly to the point and cramming some of my own ideas in my blogs to make them sound more authentic and not so robotic and essay like. It’s an odd way to be graded though, don’t you think? Graded for stating your opinions? A bit contradictory, but I think I managed pretty good. I hope my lecturer believed that too. (lol)

All in all it was a great way to score points and help make up for me other not so great grades – assuming I did as good as I would like to believe.